Invited Speaker – Jenna Hartel

Dear colleagues, we are extremely excited to announce the invited speaker for ECIL 2023 – Jenna Hartel!

Jenna Hartel is an associate professor at University of Toronto, Faculty of Information in Ontario, Canada. As an avid researcher and thinker her work is widely recognized in the field of library and information sciences. Her work, interests and energy are perhaps best understood in her own words:

“I am a theorist, methodologist, historian, and passionate educator of Library and Information Science (LIS). My work is motivated by the question: What is the nature of information in the pleasures of life? I am seeking an answer through creative, concatenated, exploratory research into information phenomena within the pleasurable and profound realms of serious leisure and hobbies. I am engaged in an imaginative, energetic, and committed form of intervention in the field of LIS. I believe a different character of LIS is possible, one that moves beyond pragmatic concerns with information resources and technologies to consider positive and upbeat information phenomena across the entire human experience. To that end, my ideas are expressed and packaged in non-standard formats that are playful, modern, and accessible to all. I hope to be a catalyst, endeavoring to inspire and encourage the field of LIS to explore new areas, import new methods, break out of traditional boxes, and entertain new possibilities.” – Jenna Hartel