Invited Panel – Sabina Cisek and Monika Krakowska

Dear colleagues,

this year we are happy to present a special invited panel session hosted by our Local Organizing Committee members Sabina Cisek and Monika Krakowska!

Sabina Cisek is Senior Lecturer and Vice-Director for Educational Affairs at the Institute of Information Studies, Faculty of Management and Social Communication, Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland. Her research focuses on human information behaviour and literacy, qualitative methods in information science, philosophy and theory of information studies, and professional information services. She is also a founding member of Polish Association of Information Professionals. Since 2013 she works for ECIL – European Conference on Information Literacy as a Program Committee member and a reviewer. In years 2002-2012 Sabina served as a vice-president of Polish Society for Scientific and Technical Information. She authored, co-authored and edited over 70 scholarly works (articles, conference papers and books), including Philosophical aspects of information science (2002), Qualitative research in the field of Information Literacy in the second decade of the XXI century (2014) and encyclopaedia entries on information, information behaviour, and information users (2017, in Polish).

Monika Krakowska is Assistant Professor at the Institute of Information Studies, Faculty of Management and Social Communication, Jagiellonian University in Kraków. Her research interests include multidisciplinary approaches to and analyses of human information behaviour, as well as methods of experiencing information through individual and collective information activities in context. She investigates the cognitive, social, and emotional elements of information behaviour and diverse information environments, as well as the many ways in which information culture is created in different situations, with considerable interest. She has published texts in Polish and foreign collective works and in scientific journals such as Information Research, Journal of Education for Library and Information Science, Education for Information, The Electronic Library. She is the author of the book Human information behaviour in the context of the epistemic information bubble phenomenon: a proposal for a new concept (2022, in Polish). For her first book New Forms of Social Communication in the European Educational Space (2008, in Polish), she received the SBP Adam Łysakowski Scientific Award in the category of best works of a practical and implementation nature.

Sabina and Monika are both members of ISKO – International Society for Knowledge Organization. They both took part in the international project EMPATIC – Empowering Autonomous Learning Through Information Competencies, which was concerned with diagnosing the state of information literacy development in the European Union, as well as developing and implementing various programmes and activities in the field of information literacy education, in the four education sectors covered by the EU Lifelong Learning Programme programmes in school, vocational, and adult education. Recently, they have attempted to identify the study potential in their idea of individual information spaces (with significant social and affective potential), analysing it using qualitative, visual, and participative methodologies. They aim to identify and diagnose not just information behaviour, but also individual components of information culture, information competencies, and the numerous information contexts that impact the building of human experience and knowledge.